Our Focus Areas

2017-2020 Strategic Priorities

In order to accomplish its mission and advance towards its vision for 2020, HETS will center its work on three major strategic areas, placing emphasis on five strategic priorities, based on the results of its previous work and the feedback obtained from members and partners.

Core Strategic Areas

  1. Access

This strategic area focuses on increasing Hispanic access to Higher Education and achievement of a Higher Education degree. HETS will aim to help members enhance the potential of their recruitment efforts and increase Hispanics’ understanding about opportunities available to access and succeed in Higher Education.

  1. Retention and Successful Completion

HETS will promote the strategic use of technology to support, drive, and optimize retention and successful completion of Hispanic students at member institutions.

  1. Online Learning/ Technology Integration

Through this core area, HETS will promote and encourage the effective integration of online learning and technology innovation, as means to support student access, retention, and successful completion, placing emphasis on quality teaching and learning and assessment.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Foster and support the use of technology to facilitate access to Higher Education and overcome Hispanic barriers to education.
  2. Promote the meaningful use of technology resources and tools to enhance institutional effectiveness in promoting student success.
  3. Help member institutions enhance their capacity to increase retention of Hispanic students.
  4. Encourage and support the development, implementation, and dissemination of best practices in the integration of technology and education for the benefit of the academic community.
  5. Provide member institutions with the best access to information, activities, and resources to better prepare them to serve Hispanics.






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